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According to the World Meteorological Organization, Bangkok is the hottest city in the world. Located just 14 degrees north of Ecuador, Bangkok is sunny all year round with temperatures above 30° C.
The temperature in Bangkok is quite stable throughout the year. The average variation between seasons normally doesn’t exceed 5°, indicating a low of 20° in December and 25° in summertime.

The driest months are December and January, during which rain is rarely a problem.
Therefore, the ideal time to visit Bangkok and Thailand in general is from November to February, during the cold season, although daytime temperatures are still around 30° C, but, at night, temperatures drop around 20° C.

March and April represent the hot season with average temperatures of 35° C, but do not be surprised to see an increase in temperatures to 40° C or over. This is the worst time to visit Bangkok.

Then comes the rainy season that lasts from May till October. During these months heavy rains are normal for at least 40% of the days. The showers of rain, usually in the afternoons, are actually a nice way to cool off the heat and, although they can last all day, they usually finish after an hour. Extreme rainfall happens in September and October, so is better not to schedule a vacation to Bangkok in these months.

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